Episode 119

A deep dive into the review queue for all new music. This one stays mostly on the uptempo side, with a brief dip into quiet and dark spaces, and even gets a little jazzy in the second half.

Download as mp3.

Wharmton Rise, “The Park.” Life Line
4.34       Julian Ray, “Pool of Eternal Life,” Mysterious Garden
12.13     Bryan Carrigan, “Twist of Lime,” Below Zero
16.14     Naming Ghosts, “The Light and Shadow Show,” Naming Ghosts
22.16     Ann Licater, “Luminous Awakening,” Invitation from Within
26.53     Juta Takahashi, “Maitri,” Transcendence
42.36     Nathan Youngblood & Soria, “Recuerdos De Luna,” Possbilities of Cirumstance
52.06     Uwe Gronau, “The Other Way,” Flight 14
56.41     Neal Gardner, “The Rain Will Fall,” We Are Infinite
1.01.29  Ricky Kej, “Pieces of Heaven,” Shanti Orchestra
1.08.46  Off Land, “Pictures,” Tidewater Pulse
1.15.16  Toss Power Traps, “Audun, Let the Bear Roam Free,” Earth Rot II: Music for Iceland
1.19.03  Undermathic, “Distinct Premonition,” Indistinct Face
1.23.31  Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, “Today Has Been Alright,” Day Has Ended


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