Episode 118

Carve out a 90-minute space for yourself. This time around we’re going quiet and deep. As in very.

Download as mp3.

Austere, “Dwine,” Curio
8.57       Amir Baghiri, “The Mind Eye,” Live Long & Prosper
16.43     Midnight Sound Service, “Green Lights & No Ends,” Midnight Sound Service
26.26     Silvercord, “Listening to Silence Speak,” I Smiled Because I Knew Death is But a Door
40.20     Siddhartha Barnhoorn, “Beginnings II,” Antichamber
51.47     Jeff Talman, “Sea of Curves (exc),” Sea of Curves
1.03.20  Swartz, “Curtain,” Nighttide
1.11.55  I’ve Lost, “I Wish I Could Fly (exc),” Scath M’anam
1.21.38  Pascal Savy, “Colours of White,” The Endless Seasons


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