Episode 117

It’s a 50/50 split this time through. I’ll start you off with a batch of new music, take a short break to discuss, then drop you into a tribal zone for 45 or so. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Menion, “Stai Attento ai Segnali,” Menion
5.03       Ian Morris, “A Functioning Hemingway,” Parking Lot Manuscripts
10.19     Aaron Static, “Tipping Point,” Redemption
16.29     Phillip Wilkerson, “An Endless Light,” Sojourner
25.59     Rena Jones, “Returning to the Source,” Echoes
31.10     Steve Roach, “Consumed by Sunlight,” Possbilities of Cirumstance (comp)
39.06     Bronwyn Lowe, “Hallelujah,” Brownwyn Lowe*
49.00     Byron Metcalf, “Not Without Risk,” Not Without Risk
56.47     Shane Morris, “The Earth Speaks,” Equinox
1.06.31  Brian Parnham, “Suspended Plumes,” See None, Hear None, Speak None
1.12.32  Undara, “Hearts of Darkness,” Traveller
1.18.39  Penjaga Insaf, “Pulang,” Sama Sadja
1.23.02  Mystified, “Not Knowing Where,” Primal Mystification

*The mystery continues. This disc was in a sleeve from a Spectropol Records release, but Bronwyn Lowe isn’t listed as one of Spectropol’s artists, unless she was one back in 2010 when this disc came out. (Had I used the “Get Info” command in iTunes, I might have found out this wasn’t new music…) On top of that, the only Bronwyn Lowe that Google likes to show me is a hairdresser from Texas. So if anyone can unravel this or has info, post in the comments section below.


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