Episode 116

All new music, and no interruptions from me. I will, however, tell you to get ready for a bit of a tonal change around the half-hour mark. But don’t worry; it’ll pass. After all, this one ends with “Safe Return.” Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Circular, “From A Concealed Awareness,” Radiating Perpetual Light
6.20      Frore, “Sky Glow,” Shadowland
15.55    Mingo, “Sky Over Sea,” Sky Over Sea
20.08    Bvdub, “Strong Again (Teach Me To Feel),” Born in Tokyo
31.39    Sky Burial, “Pas the Sarvering Galack Seas and Flaming Nebul Eye,” Pas the Sarvering Galack Seas and Flaming Nebul Eye
41.44    Phelios, “Temple of Yith,” Gates of Atlantis
48.35    Zinovia, “Attached, Our Eyes Wide Open,” The Gift of Affliction
53.53    Fiona Joy Hawkins, “The Lost Ballerina,” 600 Years in a Moment
1.00.01 David Downing, “The Storm,” Cosmic Conspiracy
1.06.58 Darshan Ambient, “The Mystery of Sleep,” Little Things
1.13.17 Miaou,* “River Zephyr,” Bring the Lights
1.18.15 Mikronesia, “Safe Return,” Torn Ivory

*which I spelled incorrectly in the podcast.


2 thoughts on “Episode 116

  1. I enjoyed this episode very much, except for one thing: its shift in mood partway through is almost too much for me. To my sense of taste, this shift happened twice, though Shanahan’s notes lead one to think it’s only going to happen once, 30min in.

    While both styles merit, for me, when I’m in the mood for one of the two presented here, the other becomes an unwelcome intrusion. So, I crafted a cuesheet which resequenced the tracks slightly to keep the two style shifts segregated into what one might term an “A” show and a “B” show. There were also two tracks I dropped, one partially, purely on personal taste grounds. Here are the remarks from that cuesheet which show how I classified the tracks.

    REM (playlist from original show, edited to show how I’m cutting it
    REM into two shows: A – Dark Ambient; B – New Age;
    REM P – Purged tracks which I found not to my liking)
    REM A Circular, “From A Concealed Awareness,” Radiating Perpetual Light
    REM A 6.20 Frore, “Sky Glow,” Shadowland
    REM B 15.55 Mingo, “Sky Over Sea,” Sky Over Sea
    REM A 20.08 Bvdub, “Strong Again (Teach Me To Feel),” Born in Tokyo
    REM A 31.39 Sky Burial, “Pas the Sarvering Galack Seas and Flaming Nebul Eye,” Pas the Sarvering Galack Seas and Flaming Nebul Eye
    REM A 41.44 Phelios, “Temple of Yith,” Gates of Atlantis
    REM A 48.35 Zinovia, “Attached, Our Eyes Wide Open,” The Gift of Affliction
    REM P 49.34 (…weird: beyond this point, it almost sounds like a whole new track)
    REM P 53.53 Fiona Joy Hawkins, “The Lost Ballerina,” 600 Years in a Moment
    REM B 1.00.01 David Downing, “The Storm,” Cosmic Conspiracy
    REM B 1.06.58 Darshan Ambient, “The Mystery of Sleep,” Little Things
    REM B 1.13.17 Miaou,* “River Zephyr,” Bring the Lights
    REM A 1.18.15 Mikronesia, “Safe Return,” Torn Ivory

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