Episode 115

One of those episodes where a silly idea came to me, and I ran with it.  A glance at the playlist should give it away.

Download as mp3.

Cluster, “Curvturn,” Qua
1.05 Aron Kirk, “Wind on My Face,” Brick Circus
3.05 Uwe Gronau, “Snowy Wood,” Midsummer
6.01 Tim Story, “The Silver Swan,” Collected
10.02 Jeff Pearce, “Winter Waltz,” In the Season of Fading Light
15.00 Ian C Bouras, “Without Sense of Duty,” The Certainty of Being Found
21.01 Joe McMahon, “The Sprinklers Are Running,” Three AM
28.03 Mark Mahoney & M Peck, “The Great Silencer,” The Gallery of Subtle Smiles
35.57 Dan Pound, “Only A Memory,” Spherical
44.45 Numina, “Secret Souls,” Shift to the Ghost
54.26 Broken Harbour, “Ansible,” The Geometry of Shadows
1.05.13 Har, “2 AM Vision Within the Mirror,” Obscura
1.16.10 The Ambient Visitor, “Bienor,” Seven


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