Episode 114

A glance toward the past begins the ride this time. I’ll tell you why around the 30-minute mark and then set you adrift on a blend on new music and older tracks, wending their way from rhythm to…well, non-rhythm.

Download as mp3.

Brannan Lane, “Zone 3,” Sampler*
7.09       The Current, “Plaza Circular,” Communion*
14.57     Zero Ohms, “The Poetics of Space,” Sweven*
21.54     Larry Kucharz, “1993 No. 3,” Red Washes
27.27     Steve Roach & vidnaObmana, “Spirit Dome Part 8,” Spirit Dome
36.35     Al Conti, “The Blue Rose,” The Blue Rose
41.53     The Pure Heart Ensemble, “Heading Home,” Bliss of Being
51.07     Music for Voyeurs, “Tonight It Will Be My Birthday,” The Long Sleep
56.10     Joe Frawley, “And Came Into A Gilded Chamber,” A Hundred Years
1.02.15  Bruno Sanflippo, “Part II,” Piano Textures 3
1.10.52  Amalaise, “Ancient Astronauts,” The Twinning Pools
1.17.59  Mystified, “Bone Drone 4,” Bone Drones
1.25.58  Resonant Drift, “Mists Have Risen,” Full Circle

*I can’t find active links for these older discs. If someone does find one, please e-mail me and I’ll update the playlist.


One thought on “Episode 114

  1. An exceptional program of eclectic and surrealistic music to celebrate ten years at the Hypnagogue helm. Start to finish, it doesn’t get any better than this. My many favorites include: “The Poetics of Space,” “Heading Home,” “Tonight It Will Be My Birthday,” “And Came Into A Gilded Chamber,” and Bruno Sanflippo’s “Part II.” Keep ‘em coming, John.

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