Episode 113

We’ll start this time with some new music, then flow in and out of the archives. For this one, you’ll want to set aside the full 90. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Toaster, “We Mourned the Dead, and Drew Comfort from God,” Theophany
6.41       Monochromie, “Day and Night of a Scarecrow,” Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep
14.20     Caves of Glass, “Mariana,” Caves of Glass
22.18     Altus, “An Atmosphere of Silence,” Conception (comp)
29.26     Seren Fford & Oophoi, “Blue Fire,” The Martian Chronicles
42.35     Brannan Lane & Ashera, “The Navigator,” Sextant
55.00     Connie St. Pierre, “Orogenesis,” Mountain Spirits
1.02.41  Melorman, “Heights,” Waves
1.07.40  Ruxpin, “Love Interest,” This Time We Go Together
1.11.17  John Broaddus, “Van Gogh – Getty Center – LA,” Afield
1.21.02  Inner Place, “Transition I,” Biosphere


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