Episode 112

Just a 90-minute flow that starts with a little wishful thinking…

Download as mp3.

Audio Cologne Project, “Chemist’s Bike (excerpt),” 2911*
9.21       Picture Palace Music, “Help Murder Help,” E-Live 2010
15.53     Apne Sinn, “Twinewheel,” Espiritista
21.29     Stick Men, “Glass Heart,” Open
28.41     There Is No Teenage Love, “Four Ghosts,” There Is No Teenage Love
33.07     Max Corbacho, “Earth Trance,” Lost Links
40.10     Matt Borghi, “Approaching Slowly Pt 1,” mattborghi.com
47.28     Virdian Sun, “Travel at Absolute Zero,” Infinite in All Directions
52.15     Rudy Adrian, “Three Views of a Japanese Garden, Part 3,” MoonWater
58.04     Igneous Flame, “Mysterium,” Nyx
1.09.10  Nathan Youngblood & Disturbed Earth, “Sidewalks,” Sister Cities
1.22.10  Northcore, “Green Fridge,” Desatero
1.27.02  Lazzich, “Down,” 360 Khz

*Mistakenly referred to as “2912” in the podcast.


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