Episode 111

One more dive into the review queue for 90 minutes of more-or-less new music.

Download as mp3.

Undara, “Perpetual Motion,” Traveller
7.49       303 Committee, “Junta,” 303 Committee
12.27     Witxes, “Dunes of Steel,” Sorcery/Geography
18.22     Worms of the Earth, “Fork-Tongued Priests at Black Gehenna Again Speak My Name,” Azal’ucel
25.08     Meg Bowles, “Beneath the Radiant Stars,” The Shimmering Land
35.36     Erik Wollo, “Silent Currents 3” (excerpt), Silent Currents 3
48.40     Sircle, “Pressures of Altitude,” A Relevant Space
57.59     Alpha Wave Movement, “Movement II,” Architextures of Silence
1.10.45  Peter James, “Breathing Space,” Seven
1.22.24  East Forest, “Prana,” Prana


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