Episode 110

New music is the focus this time (and probably next time) as we dive back into the big pile of discs awaiting review. As always, it’s an eclectic little ride, this one beginning with a few post-rock tunes before bending into deeper spaces and textures. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Strafraenn Hakon, “Rækjuhals,” Prammi
5.59       John Ellis, “Levitation,” Sly Guitar
12.32     Signal Hill, “Van Gogh Sky,” Chase the Ghost
16.36     William Gregg, “Intelligent Universe,” Source of the Hardware
22.33     Takahashi Suzuki, “Knowing to Return,” Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
33.00     Shane Morris, “Xenoverse Pt 1,” Xenoverse
54.47     AeTopus, “Alley of Dust and Soul,” Angels and Machines
1.01.01  George Wallace, “Ecstastica,” Soul Ascending
1.07.33  Phragments, “Aftermath,” New Kings and New Queens
1.11.57  DeeperNET, “Mind At Large,” One
1.19.54  Radio Free Clear Light, “De Te Fabula Narratur,” Joyful Noise Vol 2: Nomina Nuda Tenemus


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