Episode 109

Celebrating the podcast’s fourth birthday by digging into the archives and playing some personal favorites. (And with over 8300 tracks to choose from, this is not easy!)

I want to thank you all for your continued support. Quite honestly, if the audience hadn’t grown the way it has over these four years, I wouldn’t keep doing this. I still get a rush when I look at my stats the day after an episode releases and see how many of you are scooping them up. I’m also ever so grateful to the artists who put their trust in my opinion and don’t flinch when I tell them that to be on the podcast, you have to put work in for review. There are many other shows that don’t have such a request, so it means a lot that the new music continues to flow in. This show, the chance to do it, and the support are all a wonderful blessing.

Now on to the music.

Download as mp3.

Spacecraft, “De Profundis,” Gatherings Vol 2
10.18     Lopside,”37,” 37
17.12     My Majestic Star, “Thirty One,” Ideas Are the Answer
24.02     Michele Cross & Joe Frawley, “My Favorite Things,” Dolls Come to Life
33.21     Dwight Ashley & Tim Story, “Jealous Entropy,” Drop
39.01     Ministry of Inside Things, “Voyage for Guitar and Synth,” Everlasting Moment
54.54     Dave Preston, “Be Alive,” Be
1.01.49  Giles Reaves Sacred Space Sacred Space
1.09.29   Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms, “The Everything That Is No Thing,” Path of Least Resistance
1.18.08   Patrick Balthrop, “Throwaways,” Autopoetic
1.22.04   Ohm-G, “Coming Down,” Voodoo Roux Deux

Just for fun, because I’m secretly a numbers geek: in the last four years, the Hypnagogue Podcast has played 1,306 tracks by 532 different artists and collaborations of artists.


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