Episode 108

In this episode, we continue digging through my small-mountainous pile of new music sent for review. It starts quietly and ends somewhat less quietly.

Download as mp3.

Steve Brand, “The Bridge to Nowhere,” The Bridge to Nowhere
14.16     Sensitive Chaos, “August Rains, Were Those Tears?,” Amerisynthecana
19.47     James Johnson & Aperus, “Long Goodbye,” Ecotone
31.05     Lovesliescrushing, “The Wounds That Won’t Heal,” Ghost Colored Halo
37.23     Praguedren, “Air Chair,” Contrails
40.48     Ghost, “Leaving It All Behind,” Departure
47.18     Cyberchump, “When Time Was No Time,” Flutter and Flow
55.50     Silencio, “You Once Knew,” Floods
1.01.31  Benjamin Finger, “Leaving Liljevegen,” Listen to My Nerves Hum
1.05.23  Tim Risher, “Bounce,” The Cracked Chimes
1.09.22  Mythos, “Escape Velocity,” The Journey
1.14.58  Djam Karet, “The Trip (excerpt),” The Trip


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