Episode 107

Over the last couple of months I’ve received a lot of new music. The review queue is loaded with good stuff, so I thought it might be time to go through the pile and play some tracks. Makes for a nice blend of stuff, as you’ll hear.

Download in mp3 format.

Northcape, “Arrive Rutledge Col,” Exploration and Ascent
6.27     Yellow6 & David Newlyn, “Sun Dial,” O.S.
14.42    Bernhard Weiss, “Linger On,” Re member
19.49    Supersimmetria, “Fractal,” Golden Ratio
24.10    Dan Pound, “Lookout Point,” Spherical
34.27    Symatic Star & Jack Hertz, “The Doorway,” Shambhala
46.08    Joost Egelie, “Beta,” Particles
50.18    Twilight Transmissions, “Ebony Encrusted Ruins,” Shadowland
54.58    Steve Roach, “The Texture of Remembering,” Future Flows
1.05.59 Emmalee Crane, “The Summer Fell Silent,” Crown of Reeds
1.10.29 John Puchiele Ensemble, “The Big Sky,” Life Cycle
1.17.33 Ocoeur, “Dream Pursuit,” Light as a Feather
1.24.39 Crow’s Labyrinth, “Heliograph,” Travels

Underlay: A Produce & Loren Nerell, “Meadow Dust,” Intangible


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