Episode 106

A very quiet, quite uninterrupted flow. Recommended for late-night listening, or whenever you can carve out 90 meditative minutes.

Download in mp3 format.

Juta Takahashi, “Quiet Rain,” Quiet Rain
15.18     Eyes Cast Down, “Rebuild from Memory,” (excerpt) The Separate Ones
20.59     Time Being, “Everending,” A Dimension Reflected
31.29     Hollan Holmes, “Morphogenesis,” Phase Shift
45.32     Steve Roach, “Further Inside,” Dynamic Stillness
1.02.19  Lucette Bourdin, “Through the Keyhole,” Golden Sun
1.14.12  Bob Holroyd, “Stillpoint,” Afterglow
1.18.07  Mara’s Torment, “Symmetry,” Across for Show
1.27.32  Ken Elkinson, “Radiate,” Music for Commuting


8 thoughts on “Episode 106

    • I am, Kevin, and that’s superb news. I wanted to get out there for the show, but my bank account advised otherwise. I’ll be tuning in as often as time allows.

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