Episode 105

A quick glance at this playlist should tell you what’s going on this time…

Download in mp3 format.

Brokenkites, “Habitat,” Generation Ships
4.08       Gaston Arevalo, “Habitat,” Habitat
9.01       Frore, “Entwine,” Undercurrent
18.34     Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds, “Entwine,” Exit Strategy
25.48     Flaque, “Meridian,” Emerging Organisms Vol 4 (comp)
31.02     John Vorus, “Meridian,” Transmuting Currents
41.00     Jeffrey Koepper, “Passages,” Etherea
47.14     Bryan Carrigan, “Passages,” Windows
52.30     Jon Durant & Colin Edwin, “Prism,” Burnt Belief
57.33     Igneous Flame, “Prism,” Lyra
1.05.52 Synthesist, “Heart Chakra,” Light
1.10.21  Peter Kater, “Heart Chakra,” Light Body
1.16.13  Brian Parnham, “Last Breath,” See None, Hear None, Speak None
1.22.24  Aaron Marshall, “Last Breath,” Magnificent Accident


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