Episode 104

A blend of new and old this time, starting in a prog-fueled rush, coursing into some dark and sparse zones, rising up jubilantly in places, and then finding a quiet end.

Download in mp3.

Stick Men, “Crack the Sky,” Deep
6.02        S1gns of L1fe, “Language of the Ancient,” Language of the Ancients
12.19      Con_Sense, “Starry Skies,” Compass
19.55      Perry Frank, “Pleiades Star Cluster,” Music to Disappear
28.01      Triangular Ascension, “The Future Code,” The Chronos Anomaly
33.55      Second Culture, “All the Symmetry is Obvious from Above,” Flying Potion
40.52      AOMusic, “Ha Le,” Hokulea
46.19      Chris Russell, “Dolmen,” Portal
56.40      Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, “Phase 1,” Universal Ripples
1.08.05  Giles Reaves The Blessing The Deep End
1.18.56   Bruno Sanflippo, “VIII,” Piano Textures 3


2 thoughts on “Episode 104

  1. Episode 104 is a breath-takingly adventurous ascent up Mount Hypnagogue – from a glorious sunrise at base camp to exquisite serenity and peace at the summit.

    Thanks, John!


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