Episode 103

Time to give the show over to dark ambient for 90 immersive minutes. Turn out the lights.

Download mp3.

Dark Sunny Place, “Toxic Playground,” Emanations for a Returning
7.07       Har & Altus, “Borough of Shadows,” Shadow District
17.49     Michel Banabila, “Sumdark 12,” Sum Dark 12
26.37     Phobos, “Hell’s Gate,” Darker
38.50     Blood Box, “Battles Beneath the Earth,” Funeral in an Empty Room
49.39     Sky Burial, “Shedding the Husk,” There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
1.07.23 Twilight Transmissions, “Eternal Remote,” Subterranean
1.15.48 Dense Vision Shrine, “Time Lost in Oblivion,” Time Lost in Oblivion
1.15.48 Aspectee, “Dianthus,” Morben
1.23.23 Maculatum, “Part V,” The Nameless City


5 thoughts on “Episode 103

  1. Great to hear a full episode of dark ambient John. Here in Adelaide, South Australia we were very lucky to get a several concerts as part of a festival which including lots of dark ambient including Lustmord and Biosphere. I have to agree that the concept of “dark” disappears after some time of listenning and eventually it becomes quite meditative. I will certainly be looking deeper into dark works with my future compositions.

    • I’ve certainly become more accepting of it as time goes on, Steve. I think we’ve all got a bit of shadow tucked away in ourselves that responds, quite viscerally, to this kind of stimulus. I often slide dark tracks into the flows here, but I do enjoy piecing together a whole ep of it. Thanks for listening!

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