Episode 102

There is neither rhyme nor reason to this podcast, no theme, no intent. It’s just a flow that came together as I went along.

So, you know….flow.

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Petal, “There Is A Gentle Hand,” Up from Here
6.47        Earlyguard, “Monoku,” Conception
14.47      Leastupperbound, “Tape #6,” Lav:NEXT
18.28      Bryan Carrigan, “Hidden Spaces,” Passing Lights
24.09      Inner Trip, “Eltanin and Old Melodies,” Somewhere Near the Pulse
30.18      Lorne David Thomson, “Pig and Worm Visit the Moon,” Quadra Station
35.14      Wharmton Rise, “Subterranean,” Contrary Emotion
39.10      Anawaty Russell, “On the Beach,” Analog Universe
43.54      Janne Hanhisuanto, “Sequence Alpha,” Quiet Places
51.16      Austere, “Swyrl,” Curio
1.00.35  Phaenon, “Dark Energy – Silentium Universi,” His Master’s Voice
1.13.18  Transcendent Device, “The Fourth State Beyond Dreamless Sleep,” Architectonics and the Elaborate Construction of Meaning
1.18.27  Dumb Machine, “Fuck,” H.P. Kittencraft


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