Episode 101

Time to dig into the review pile again. This episode features work from discs I received for review in January and early February. The sounds range from spacey drifts to some pretty straightforward jazz, and even includes a Grammy nominee. Ain’t we eclectic?

Download in mp3 format here.

Dreissk, “The Rising Tide,” Edge_Horizon
9.19       Chronotope Project, “Solar Winds,” Solar Winds
18.05     John Sobocan, “Leaves on a Forest Floor,” A Soft Circle
24.31     Frore, “Hidden Path,” Undercurrent
32.21     dreamSTATE v. Heiki, “Expedition,” The North Shore
41.06     Colin Edwin & Jon Durant, “Impossible Senses,” Burnt Belief
47.08    Pedrick Bitts Walker, “Two,” Three
54.55     Leaving Richmond, “I’ll Find Meaning, Just Not Today,” The Bird & The Submarine
58.50     Warszawa, “Wostock,” Kinetica
1.06.58  Caul, “The Long Dust,” The Long Dust
1.11.29  Michelle Ippolito, “Only A Rose,” Drifting in Dreams
1.16.34  Timothy Wenzel, “Oasis of Souls,” A Coalescence of Dreams
1.19.57  Steven Halpern, “Deep Alpha 8 Hz, Pt 8,” Deep Alpha


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