Episode 100

First of all: wow. I’m amazed the podcast has made it this far–but it (and I) didn’t get here without your continued support as listeners. So although this episode is filled with double tracks from some of my personal favorite artists (and I could easily have tacked on another hour), it’s dedicated to you.

Settle in. We’ve got two hours to cover this time out. Enjoy. And thank you again.

Or download in mp3 format.


Steve Roach, “Hunting & Gathering,” Early Man
13.02     Steve Roach, “The Calling,” Trance Spirits
18.42     Jeffrey Koepper, “One Hundred Memoiries,” Sequentaria
25.38      Jeffrey Koepper, “Ice Flow,” Arctisonia
31.26     Boy Is Fiction, “For My Friend,” Broadcasts in Colour
36.06     Boy Is Fiction, “Feeling Lazy,” Broadcasts in Colour
40.22     Jason Sloan, “3300 Khz,” Sine
46.33     Jason Sloan, “withNO_return,” (s)END
59.44     Darshan Ambient, “Sahara Sun,” Dream In Blue
1.05.34 Darshan Ambient, “Multiplication of Arcs,” From Pale Hands to Weary Skie
1.10.03 Slow Dancing Society, “The Time We’ve Spent,” The Slow and Steady Winter
1.15.19  Slow Dancing Society, “A Song to Help You Remember to Forget,” The Sound of Lights When Dim
1.21.11   Igneous Flame, “Lustral Sheen,” Satu
1.27.07  Igneous Flame, “Noctilucent,” Astra
1.33.50  Max Corbacho, “Sky Resonance,” Lost Links
1.39.46  Max Corbacho, “Deep Blue Home,” The Ocean Inside
1.48.25  Numina, “In Loneliness, the Landscape Fades,” Sanctuary of Dreams
1.53.44  Numina, “Hypnotic Shores,” Eye of the Nautilus


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