Episode 98

For the first episode of 2013, I decided to look and see which artists I’ve only played once and give them a second go-round. You’ll have to listen to find out how many I had to choose from!

Or download in mp3 format.

Seriah w/Ashkelon Sain, “Ximehua,” Eztica
9.00     Olekranon, “Daisy Cutter,” Bilial
12.58    Projective Module, “Aurae,” Other Things That Happened
16.46    Sloum, “Curved Like An Egg,” Sloum
22.49    Kendall Station, “Tether,” Nebulae and Gridlock
29.06    James Murray, “Man Under Train,” The Miracle of Transport
33.43    Ketsa, “My Echo Your Shadow,” Eleven
37.08    Rhizomorph, “Skyward,” Xenofilika
41.28    AOMusic, “One Kaleo,” … And Love Rages On
46.36    Sam Rosenthal, “The Passage (exc),” The Passage
56.58    Leonardo Rosato, “Going Under,” Brave New World (comp)
1.03.03 Michelle De Wilton, “Snowfall,” Snow Angel
1.07.41 Mosaik & Planet Boelex, “Nanomies,” Leandi
1.15.47 Andreas Mannchen, “Not One Lasts,” Float
1.20.45 The Ambient Visitor, “Geographus,” Eight

Underlay: The Ghost of 29 Megacycles, “The Hummingbird Dream (Part 1)”


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