Episode 97

And so we arrive at the last podcast of 2012. Long-time listeners may know that I don’t like to do “Best Of” lists or podcasts; instead, I just look back at discs I enjoyed over the last 12 months and grab some tracks. I reviewed about 150 albums/releases this year, so there was much from which to choose. I think I’ve given you a good blend here of upbeat and drifty, light and dark. And, as always, I’ll close out the year with a song whose title sums up how I feel about your continued support.

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General Fuzz, “Return Value,” Miles Tones
5.31      John Lyell, “Star Seekers,” Eternity
10.22    East Forest, “Common Ground,” Music Meditations
15.40    Synth.NL, “Apollo 11,” Apollo
24.00    There Is No Teenage Love, “Nucleotidal,” There Is No Teenage Love
28.54     Robert Scott Thompson, “Far Side of the Sky,” Upon the Edge of Night
35.39     Bob Holroyd, “Parallels (Mogwai M8 Remix),” re:Ambient
40.00    Jason Sloan, “Blue Kachina,” Fall of the Fifth Sun
47.39     Numina, “Translunary Return,” The Deception of Reality
59.14     Caul, “Words of Praise Arise, Like Flowers,” Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night
1.03.29  Peter James, “Relocation,” Landfall
1.10.24  Steve Roach & Dirk Serries, “Closed,” Low Volume Music*
1.18.09  Shane Morris & Mystified, “Cambrian Explosion,” Epoch
1.32.45  Ministry of Inside Things, “Grateful,” Everlasting Moment

*Out of habit, in my voice over I referred to Dirk as “vidnaObmana,” a pseudonym he no longer uses. Apologies.


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