Episode 96

The ride this time moves through several spheres of sound. Cool beats become New Age grooves that melt into industrial clusters which give way to ethereal guitars, fusion-powered prog madness, and haze-coated drones, ending up in passages of pure contemplation. New mixes with old, and everybody has a fine time of it.

Or download this episode in mp3 format. (Click link, then right click to Save As…)

Hibernation, “Lysenkos Plan,”  Second Nature
5.41 Anawaty/Russell, “Another Worldly,” Analog Universe
12.08 Mingo, “Aarushi,” Kailasa
16.03 Sujo + Sun Hammer, “Hari,” Fistula
20.58 Stefan Gubatz, “Metal Worms,” Distanz
30.19 Mario Gronnert, “Long Term Transmission,” From Land to Light
34.57 Slow Dancing Society, “There’s A Place For Us,” Laterna Magica
41.58 Jeff Pearce, “Where All Rivers End,” In the Season of Fading Light
46.51 Cyberchump, “In The Gardens of Miur,” Our Wizards of Time
51.44 Computerchemist, “Corporatosaur,” Signatures I
1.00.02 Ben John Robertson, “Met (excerpt),” It’s What Was in the Sky That Day
1.13.10 Joe Evans, “Affected Piano I,” Affected Piano
1.24.51 Aron Kirk, “Yesterday’s Man,” Brick Circus

Underlay: Alio Die, “Obliterated Alcove,” Deconsecrated & Pure


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