Episode 95

Our last episode was very lively and upbeat, so I figured we’d head in the other direction this time through. We start quiet and stay quiet and leave the beats for another show.

Or download the episode in mp3 format. (Click to start, then right-click to save.)


Apne Sinn, “REMcycle,” SleepMODE

8.02 Steve Brand, “Sunprints (Where You Used to Be),” Sunprints

17.21 Forrest Fang, “Resting Point,” Animism

26.50 Resonant Drift, “Full Circle,” Full Circle

36.03 Inner Place, “Transition V,” Biosphere

41.53 Seren Fford & Oophoi, “Canals,” The Martian Chronicles

49.43 Chad Kettering, “A Moment of Understanding,” Voices of the Ancients

57.48 Ben Cox, “Willet,” On Water

1.07.43 Grey Frequency, “A Million Broken Hearts,” When Do We Dream?

1.16.25 Dwight Ashley, “Stranded II,” Four

1.24.28 Pascal Savy, “Watching Dew,” The Endless Season

Underlay: Obscil, “Snow Days at the End of March,” Vicino


2 thoughts on “Episode 95

  1. What an excellent show!! The whole thing just flows together so well – one of the best shows you’ve done – and I have downloaded and listened to them all! Congratulations on another great job John.

    • Thank you, Kevin, both for the comment and the continued listening! Your timing is perfect–about 15 minutes ago I walked back into my office and put my headphones on. The mp3 player on my phone was running on shuffle. It was somewhere in the middle of the Resonant Drift track–I had no idea it was the podcast–and now I’ve just been floating along with the episode!

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