Episode 94

So I walk into my office one day and Cathart’s “Flutter” is playing. And it puts me in a good mood. And I think, hey…let’s share that. What you end up with is 90 uptempo, feel-good minutes. Enjoy.

Or download in mp3 format. (Open, then right click for “Save As.”)


Cathart, “Flutter,” Isoceles
4.31        Ron Boots & Synth NL, “La Roche-en-Ardenne,” Refuge en Verre
13.04      Known Rebel, “Gathering of the Argonauts,” Hollow
19.15       C.H. District, “Go Out,” Conclusion
25.02      Tapage, “Ethyl,” Overgrown
30.02      Kodomo, “Frozen in Motion,” Frozen in Motion
34.36      Enabl.ed, “Lamebook,” Saccharine Morning
37.36      Ephemeral Mists, “Rain Sculpted Dreams,” Moon Ritual
46.19      C.Db.Sn, “At the End of It All,” At the End of It All
51.20      Thought Guild, “Retropolis 2011,” Third Voyage
1.00.02  Computerchemist, “Mirage,” Aqual Measure
1.05.58  Disparition, “Jandoubi,” Neukrk
1.13.26  Ministry of Inside Things, “Naylor’s Run,” Ambient Elsewhere
1.21.25  Lopside, “-” Decemberjune

Underlay: Austere, “Dwine,” Curio


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