Episode 93

This one begins fairly quietly…

I’ll warn you ahead of time that I break at the 45-minute mark to do a bit of the talky stuff and then the tone changes a bit, from reflective ambient to a more uptempo kind of place. And, dare I say, we finish up with some pretty straightforward jazz. But you know me…I like to keep it interesting.

Or download in mp3 format. (Open, then right click for “Save As.”)


Bryan Carrigan, “Pendulum,” Windows
6.59       Radiant Mind, “Sanctuary of Light,” Sense
13.21     Silvercord, “Far Journeys,” I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door
21.52     Broken Harbour, “Luminosity,” The Geometry of Shadows
32.40    Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms, “Blue Distance,” When the Earth Is Far Away
48.59     Geoffrey Armes, “December
55.09     Collective Acoustics, “Conflict,” Art in the Age of Progress
58.35     The Man from Impossible, “Slicker Than Yo Mama Pt 1,” The Man from Impossible
1.02.09 Port-Royal, “Spider Toupet,” Emerging Organisms Vol 4 (comp)
1.08.06 Howard Ferre, “Stained Glass Reflection,” Journey’s End
1.11.47  Sensitive Chaos, “Seeker After Patterns,” Seeker After Patterns
1.22.19  Joe De Vita, “Movement 2,” Evolution

Underlay: Ran Kirlian, “Indocalia,” Selected Works Vol 1


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