Episode 92

I was scrolling through my iTunes library a while back, and it occurred to me (as it probably has to a lot of people) that some words tend to pop up more than others in ambient/electronic/New Age song titles. So I picked a few keywords and used them to select the songs for this episode. As it turned out, this podcast has more tracks on it than any other episode! Enjoy all 18!

or download in mp3 format. (Open, then right click for “Save As.”)


Oystein Jorgenson, “Sound of Stars,” Imagine
4.41      Lucette Bourdin, “To the Stars,” Conception
14.23    Fabio Anile, “It’s Full of Stars,” Lav44:Next
18.13    Radium 88, “And Then She Saw Stars,” Escaping Tomorrow
23.18    Darshan Ambient, “A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky,” Falling Light
28.10    Uwe Gronau, “Evening Sky,” Midsummer
31.17    David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, “The Same Sky,” The Crossing
37.09    dreamSTATE, “Stone and Sky,” Passage
43.59    Phillipe Emanuel Gueble, ” The Holy Light,” Fire & Remembrance
48.44    Chris Alvarado, “Arcades of Light,” Translucence
54.21    Jeffrey Koepper, “Ancient Sunlight,” Etherea
1.01.34 Patrick Balthrop, “The Night Rose,” Autopoetic
1.04.19 Mingo, “This Side of Night,” This Side of Night
1.09.13 Steve Roach/Erik Wollo, “Night Strands,” The Road Eternal
1.13.46 Swartz, “The Night Ships,” Nighttide
1.19.10 Boy Is Fiction, “If You Hear Me Fall,”  Boy is Fiction
1.25.17 Christopher Lapina, “Before You,” Eclectic Eve
1.29.17 East Forest, “You Know,” Music Meditations


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